AMS-221EN/JEUX-0043, AMS-221EN/X7910/JEUX-0043

Newly developed optional attachments for JUKI’s AMS Series Improve the machines ease of use as well as combining to increase productivity. The attachments equiped onto this machine include: Thread Heat Trimmer; Automatic Bobbin Changer; Bobbin/ thread sensors and a thread puller. These optional attachments were developed with the cooperation of RSG Automation Technics GmbH. & Co. Full machine code: AMS- 221ENHL2516SZ5000NSD- RSG1
New patented modifications allow for unrivalled accuracy and consistency in the stitching process. Automation permits easier operation for the machine User.



This devise uses heat to cut thread with no fabric damage. Attributes:

  • The angle of the finger means that the cut is cocsistent without machine settings needing to be adjusted.
  • Users can now quickly switch between different material thicknesses without having to adjust the machine settings (one layer to two layers to three layers etc.).
  • This device burns the end of the thread to keep it in place avoiding it slipping from the needle.
  • Results in a clean stitch at the begining of the sewing process.
  • This patented mogification allows for a more accurate cut as well as guaranteeing process consistency.
  • Time will no longer be spent changing the machine settings.
The bobbin is imprinted with colors in a specific combination and an additional light sensor monitors the color sequence. The sensor automatically detects a wrong colour combination. In case of an error, the sewing process stops immediately.
This newly developed bobbin changer* allows for the front bobbin to be changed automatically with no need for the operator to manually replace it. In combination with the residual thread monitoring system this saves time in changing the bobbin.
The thread-puller is mounted directly at the side of the sewing machine. Shortly above the fabric, a loop is pulled into the thread while the thread at the sewing needle is still under tension. Right before cutting the thread is relieved which allows a clean thread-cut without tension. Using the thread burner permits the fusion of individual thread-cores of the sewing threads to form a sort of “melt-head”.